FILTERSUN LOVE FUND Formally established
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For the purpose of practicing the corporate social responsibility of Filtersun better and helping more people in need of help,all matters of Filtersun Love Fund are going smoothly under the personally initiated,arrange and supervision of Mr.Fu Jinlin,who is the chairman of Filtersun group.
On the evening of September 9th,2014,the senior cadres of all departments held a “Filtersun Love fund set up” ceremony in conference room, on the third floor of Filtersun Group headquarters.
The chairman assistant Ms.Yang Mei introduces the purpose, significance, administrative rules, the use of the process and committee staff name list of Filtersun Love Fund in detail at the meeting.
Chairman Fu Jinlin made an important speech and individual donates 50,000 yuan as initial funds.He said the establishment of Filtersun Love Fund marks Filterusn Hope Primary School formal stepped into the early research phase.Filterusn Hope Primary School is the dream of Mr.Fu and all members of Filtersun.When the Hope Primary School is building,except raise funds,he promise to donates for the lack part all by himself.Many senior cadres speaked actively and said they will donate positively.

One.The purpose of Filtersun Love Fund establishment:
Carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation; adhering to corporate culture, and promote harmonious enterprise construction.Actively undertake the corporate social responsibility ,advocate of public spirited,helpfulness,solidarity.Helping and caring for the company poor staff and social vulnerable groups.Raise funds to build “Filtersun Hope Primary School”.Establish more “Filtersun Grant” and “Filtersun Scholarship” and so on.There is hereby established“ Filtersun Love Fund” .

Two .The nature of Filtersun Love Fund establishment:
1.Filtersun Love Fund is a separate account, independent accounting, special fund for special use,democratic management and publishing fund revenues and expenditures regularly.Make sure the payments of great things and special situation are open and clarity.
2.No person shall occupy, embezzle, misappropriate funds of Filtersun Loving Fund.

Three.Love fund source of funds:
1.The Chairman donates 50,000CNY as the initial fund.
2.The company scrap sale income.
3.Fined of staff in violation of the rules and regulations of the company .
4.Company staff's personal love of voluntary donation.
5.Social groups and other people love donations.
6.Set up a "Filtesun Love Fund" donation boxes in the company.
7.Other forms.

Four.Filtersun Love Fund financial assistance range:
1.Staff family difficulties caused by natural disasters.
2. the staff individual or family member in urgent need of medical treatment but can not afford due to injuries.
3.The staff individual and family members hospitalized due to sudden major diseases but can not afford the huge cost of treatment.
4.The active staff whose children out of school or going to out of school due to family poverty.
5.Social humanitarian donations for the occurrence of major natural disasters or other irresistible factors and bring about great loss.
6.The social welfare activities.
7.The establishment of "Filtersun Hope Primary School".
8.Set up a "Filtersun grants" in joint-related colleges, vocational school.
9.Set up a "Filtersun Scholarship" in joint-related colleges, vocational school.
10.Other special reasons.
As long as everyone contributes a little love, the world will become a better human!
People are great because of dreams.We are wonderful because of chasing the dream.I am proud of I am a Filtersun People.I wish Filtersun Love Fund growth healthily for ever as the date of establishment.

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